Coca-Cola, WWF introduce plastic recovery initiative

As part of a joint initiative on tackling plastic waste pollution in Pakistan, Coca-Cola and WWF-Pakistan introduced their first ever plastic recovery facility in Lahore to collect used empty PET bottles for recycling. The initiative formally known as the ‘Plastic Hut’ was formally launched through a special ceremony held at Packages Mall Lahore.

The activity is a first of its kind initiative within the beverage industry to support collection and recycling of empty plastic PET bottles, while also rewarding local residents with a chance to winning exciting gifts and prizes through daily and weekly lucky draws. The activity will be hosted at three local malls in Lahore till Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Speaking about the activity, Fahad Qadir, Public Affairs & Communications Director at Coca-Cola Pakistan said, “The idea of organizing this activity originated from The Coca-Cola Company’s concern with tackling the global crisis of plastic waste management. In this regard, the Company launched its product packaging policy ‘World Without Waste’ on January 19, 2018, following which the Company pledged that by 2030 it will lead the industry with a bold and ambitious goal of helping to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells in the market”.

Owing to rapid urbanization, a booming population and increasing consumerism, Pakistan’s plastic industry is flourishing at an annual growth rate of 15% while this burgeoning use of plastic is unbalancing the scale due to its carbon footprint and negative effect on ecosystems.